Sell more with a virtual sales staff.

Experienced sales staff starting at $10/hr.

What can my virtual sales staff do?

Outbound + Appt Setting

Inbound Calls

Closing Calls

Here's what our clients are saying:

"If you need help with closing sales, pick someone from Sales Kiwi staff, we've staffed 3 SDRs from them and they got up to speed quickly."

Emily Mayes

"A reduction in overhead has been great with affordable and amazing sales staff from Sales Kiwi."

Zac Miller

Why Sales Kiwi?


We offer 100% money back if you're not satisfied within the first 30 days.

Happy Staff

Our virtual staff are provided benefits such as Wi-Fi and health insurance.

Month to month

No long term commitments - just a simple month to month contract.

Ready to close more sales?



What is virtual staffing?

Sales Kiwi provides our clients with a dedicated sales agent or entire staff - these are real people who virtually work to help you on your sales related tasks, whether it be inbound call answering, appointment setting, closing calls and more.

Who do we staff?

Our virtual assistants are put through a rigorous interview and are specifically vetted to work in a sales-related setting. We run background checks, verify their internet and computer are up to spec and more.

What kind of sales can our staff help with?

After staffing 300+ agents, we can confidently say that we have a sales agent for any business vertical. Whatever your product or service is, our staff can sell it.